A Textbook on General English

Foster Your Reading Comprehension & Improve Your Vocabulary Knowledge
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مؤلفان: دکتر لیلا اکبرپور، دکتر فاطمه بهجت
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The present textbook aims at providing university students with interesting topics they can engage with in order to meet most of their needs. The vocabulary and grammar‏‎ contents of this textbook tend to be taught on a "need to know" basis. The exercises have been written in a way as to improve discourse level skills such as the ability to make inferences, knowledge about text structure, and metacognitive skills. Another distinctive feature of the present textbook is offering questions for discussion before reading, and a "derivation" section in each unit for introducing different parts of speech and their use in sentence making.

مؤلفان دکتر لیلا اکبرپور، دکتر فاطمه بهجت
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از اینکه سایت دیباگران را بازدید نمودید متشکریم. با ثبت نظرات و پیشنهادات ما را در جهت تامین منابع علمی و آموزشی مورد نیاز جامعه راهنمایی و هدایت نمایید. 

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