English  for the Students of  Civil Engineering

English for the Students of Civil Engineering

مؤلف: قدرت زارعی (مدرس دانشكده فني انقلاب اسلامي تهران)
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The purpose of this book is to help students improve their command of technical English in Civil Engineering and give them skill and practice in using English as special course. So, the book can be used in a regular special English class for students whose major field of study is Civil Engineering.

In addition, my own experience during these years has shown that the texts and exercises of the book are appropriate and intended for a large number of students studying in Technical and Vocational University. That is, for those who are , or soon will be, using more English texts as special course in future. It can also be useful for students who are studying in Islamic Azad University.

The book contains thirteen chapters each of which followed by some various exercises .The comprehension and vocabulary exercises are designed to train the students to infer from the text ,therefore ,the task encourages them to bring their own knowledge of perception of the texts. The selection of the lessons is, somehow, graded and it is suggested that the order of the presentation of lessons should be observed.

Since vocabulary is so important to the students' success in reading comprehension, the alphabetical inventory of words that may be new to them has been listed at the beginning of each lesson.

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نویسنده : قدرت زارعی
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